The emergence of scanning is revolutionising measurement readings for technical design offices. The technology deployed makes it possible to carry out an extremely precise survey of various equipment and objects.

This is why our expertise and skills are already being used in many industrial fields (petrochemical, oil, mining, food and wine). Indeed, 3D laser surveying allows us to provide accurate and timely “up date” models of an installation and optimizes project management. Surveys are possible in extreme conditions and on all types of terrain with limited material requirements.

Our operators are also trained to carry out more specific missions related to structural deformation analysis. (Policy, insurance)

In addition, we have adapted our scans to the requirements of architect’s offices as well as public works projects. This new way of producing plans, elevations, sections or profiles allows us to extract precise views. The data is scanned in one go without having to return to the field on a regular basis. Our job is to bring you the right information to save you precious time.

The possibilities of 3D scanning are still multiple in the field of industry because it adapts to all branches of industry because of its agility and the gains it provides. 



Why use the scan:

The technology does not require scaffolding to reach visible and inaccessible points, which reduces the costs and risks of intervention.

A single 3D survey can and should be used for several departments or even several projects thanks to the accuracy of the survey and the management of information.

The data collected is multiple and precise, which allows for use and re-use in a greater diversity of projects.

The realization of the digital model and the associated 3D view allows to anticipate possible material failures and to correct between the existing and the future project.

An agility of deployment allows to save time on the global management of the project.

3D Development an international expertise

Our network of international agencies enables us to intervene quickly in Africa and Europe for projects involving damming, legal metrology, pipe scanning or deformation analysis.


Legal Metrology


Deformation Analysis